Buyer’s Guide


Site Guide

We’ve built with one thing in mind – enabling you and all our customers to buy products better. Within our internet superstore, you’ll find many specialty stores you can shop from using the same easy checkout process. Visit any category from anywhere on our site by clicking on one of the menu bars at the left of the screen.

  • Once you’re in a store, click on the categories along the left side to explore our selection of products.
  • Use the links in the upper left corner to get to important places like support and checkout from anywhere on our site.
  • Need help finding a particular product? Read our search tips. Site Navigation Tips

  1. corporate links – easy access to the Basket, Checkout, My Account, Help, Gift Center & the Country selector
  2. search box – find that item quick;
  3. categories –  products are organized into categories through which you may browse
  4. breadcrumb trail – follow your trail back to where you started

Search Tips:
  • Do not make your search plural. In other words, search for amplifier or drumstick not amplifiers or drumsticks.
  • Do not make your search too lengthy. Include fewer words in your search. For example, it will not work to search for show me that bass guitar with many frets. Likewise, if large goatskin djembedoesn’t work, try large djembe or goatskin djembe or justdjembeThe fewer words you include in your search, the more items you will find.
  • Make your search specific only in ways you are certain about. For example, if you are searching for a Roland sound module and you know it has the letters JV in it, then just search for JV. But if you know it is the JV1080, then search for that. Only search for entire model names when you are confident all words would be in the database.
  • Do not include hyphens or quotes in your search. For example, search for JV1080 not JV-1080 or “JV-1080”.
  • It doesn’t matter what case you use, upper or lower, so don’t worry about that.
  • We are not allowed by certain vendors, including some of the best (and some of our favorite), to mention all of their models online. Email if you search and cannot find something you are certain we would have.
  • Finally, there is a very small chance we don’t sell the product.



Often we provide promotional specials that provide various savings to you.  Please refer to the specials web page for more information.