Locked in a jewelry store in S. Francisco

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This is probably one of the weirdest stories you have ever heard in your life. A bit of humor for anyone!

In the night between 15 and 16 April 2014, a man got locked in a jewelry store in the city center of S. Francisco. He went to choose a gift for someone and he didn’t notice that the jewelry store was about to close. Probably, nobody of the employees thought to check the whole store before to close and so the unlucky customer got locked inside, this happens because employees don´t follow their Scheduling Software correctly.

Then, a dispatcher told the responding officer that there was someone inside the jewelry store but apparently nobody from the police station went to help the customer locked inside the store. The only one answer from the police was that “this idiot may just have to sleep on the floor then”.

Finally, got rescued!

It was only in the next morning that the unlucky customer could got finally rescued out that bad situation. And in the meanwhile, he had to stay into the jewelry store and spend the night there.

As the jewelry store employees opened the main door, they found the man laying on the floor. They got scared, surprised and finally they asked why and how he was there.

The customer could take a breath and explained all the story from the previous evening, as he decided to go and visit the store to take a gift with the very best review of it. At least we hope he could get the gift and all the situation has been worthy, if not he could always choose the gift from the Best Gifts For Women In 2017 | Unique and special … – Top9Rated.

This funny and still true story should suggest us the importance of being ready to any situation, but also the importance of calling for help the right persons.

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Locksmith is the solution

As you can see, there are a few places where Locksmith has more than one office. Big cities and larger towns can actually offer a better service having more offices. This has also another implication: wherever you are, you can get help in a quicker time.

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Locksmith can feature different services for different needs. There are residential, commercial and vehicle services and, what’s more, you can also find a number of discount service in a long list on Locksmith website.

Getting locked in a house or locked out your car are normal problems that happen to many persons in the world, so , next time if you got locked in or out or you need to relock your keys, just keep calm and call Locksmith to get helped by professional technicians. We simply suggest you to save the phone number of the nearest Locksmith office or offices to you. Often times a simple phone number can be the start up for a happy end to a bad situation.



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