Money Mart Pawn & Jewelry #22

1705 Pat Booker Road Universal City, TX 78148

Money Mart Pawn & Jewelry is here to serve the Universal City and San Antonio community with your short-term loaning needs. Whether you need cash for a bill or want to borrow some cash for a family trip. We can serve you! Discover the hidden value of your assets and get cash TODAY.


1705 Pat Booker Road
Universal City, TX 78148

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  • An online representative, Ryan, helped me track down the instrument I was looking for as they became available at the shops in the area. When I came in to purchase in UC, the employees were super helpful and nice. Great experience.–Rebecca Boissonneault

  • I. Never pawned or loaned or anything like that until the last 2 yrs. So I went to a couple of different Pawn Shops. But since the 1st time I came here, was the LAST TIME I WENT ANYWHERE ELSE… YOUR PAT BOOKER LOCATION FLAT OUT STOLE MY PAWN BUSINESS FROM EVERY OTHER PAWN SHOP in S.A. Tx. WITH THERE. ( Service, Prices, DEALS!!!😄 etc. Every experience there has been great. The STAFF IS. A +. Ps. I am not related or friends with any of them.JUST A VERY SATISFIED LOYAL CUSTOMER. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YALL.–Gary Lovelace

  • Great experience with their employees.–John Karstedt