Tips For Keeping Your Valuables Protected

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Let us assume that you have some valuable golden jewelry pieces that you would like to get some good quotes for, as you need the money to make an important purchase or cover an expensive medical bill. Here at Money Mart Pawn & Jewelry you can expect to find the best quotes and the fastest cash loans offers provided by a friendly team in a most comfortable environment.

Never Trust Anyone With Your Key

We are now talking about repairmen who might need to come for a scheduled repair work at a time when no one is home. In case you cannot be home during this time, make sure you simply reschedule the appointment or try to ask someone from the family to home sit for you at the time of the repair. Never leave your spare keys in popular and obvious hiding spots like under the door mat –everybody does it and burglars are not shy to try their luck when no one is looking! If you notice you have lost your home entry key and you suspect someone mal-intended might have took it, immediately get in touch with a locksmith and have them change your lock with a new one or at least have the old lock rekeyed.

It should not cost you a lot of money – do a quick search on your favorite search engine and you will notice several ages filed with authorized and licensed lock technicians in your area you can contact.  There is no point in not providing your precious jewelry and other valuable items with enhanced security at all times – especially during holidays when burglars are known to be at a spike, this is why you need to get your hands on Night Owl security system to keep your precious items safe.

Keep Your Jewelry Out Of Sight

Whenever you house is briefly visited by a baby sitter, pet sitter or even home sitter or repairman, never leave your valuables at sight as they will immediately draw attention. Instead, keep your items in a locked location inside the home – safes and boxes with deadlocks on them work best – and make sure you always check the locks and call locksmiths to have them repaired when you notice they are becoming loose or worn-out.


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